Bartuschka Infotainment

Corporate Comedy

Bartuschka's motto: There's no business without a bit of showbusiness.
By doing research for performing and hosting at corporate gigs and special events, the comedienne has learnt a lot about such exciting and diverse topics as cloud computing, goods traffic, bathroom facilities, aviation, telecommunication, health & safety, vehicle construction and many more.

Her repertoire embraces the year in review with a comical twist, the visual implementation of taglines, the comedy version of a company's history and comedy writing for corporate speakers. Bartuschka offers custom-made visual and verbal corporate entertainment, adapting her material for specific audiences, providing a fresh approach to the topic at hand along with a classy, funny and distinctive presentation.

Bartuschka's portfolio contains:

  • The History Of Berlin
  • The History Of Communication
  • Education 3.0
  • Migrants & Minorities
  • Genderstudies the other way round

Clients (selection): Lufthansa, Porsche, UBS, Adecco, Mercedes, PKN GmbH Berlin, Microsoft, DB, Bundesministerium für Familie und Soziales, Euroguidance, Bonatrans, Kellner Telecom, Hesko Arbeitsschutz, f-glass, Unilever, Independent Living GmbH, Hansa Oras, Gasag Berlin, Ergo Versicherungen, Fahrzeugbau Schierling, TU Berlin, Hartnackschule Berlin, NABU

„Bartuschka is, in our humble opinion, the best thing ever.“